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Luce Restaurant of Middletown specializes in Tuscan inspired cuisine with a modern American flair. Our dishes are award-winning and are comprised of only the finest ingredients from all over the world.



At Luce, we pride ourselves on offering custom creations for the needs of any large parties. Our sunroom can accomodate 65 guests and is an exquisite venue for any occasion. Call (860) 344-0222 to book an event.



We offer a vast selection of wines ranging from our excellent house wines to the finest available. Whatever your taste level we have the wine that suits your palette. If there is something special you are looking for please request it.


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Michael Gannon Restaurant Review, March 5th

Middletown can add another trophy to the case with Luce, an upscale Tuscan-influenced restaurant housed in the former humdrum Cornerstones. While Luce is not the only Italian place on the row, it distinguishes itself through its ambitious menu."

Upcoming Events

Ring in the New Year with your Family and Friends at Luce and enjoy a wonderful dinner and great entertainment. Please call for reservations.
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